If I ever get pregnant, I will still eat fish, I will still go into hot tubs, and I will dye my hair all I want. Suck it. 

^^^ I hope that bitch is never a mother. Ever. And falls of a cliff.

You’re joking, right? None of those things will affect the fetus. Which you would know… if you actually read the linked article.

Omg lol , so true^^^

…. These comments make my head hurt

My mom went on a roller coaster when she was pregnant with me, and she nearly lost me that day… So I personally would never go on a roller coaster while pregnant.

Okay. I was pregnant last year and I’m going to give my opinion on this.

Fish has high mercury count which is bad for a growing fetus. Having small amounts of shrimp, tuna, and salmon is fine. But any other fish, especially sushi, is not okay to eat.

Roller coasters are an obvious no.

Hot tubs. Not good at all! Your body temperature is already higher than normal to keep the fetus from getting too cold. Getting in a hot tub will rise your body temperature even more and that is dangerous for the fetus.

Pregnant Bitches be like “I know everything”

Is sushi a fish now?

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Revenge midseason flash-forward:Captain America getting fucked up

Revenge midseason flash-forward:
Captain America getting fucked up

God Lilly what happened to you?

God Lilly what happened to you?

those ankle socks :/

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"I’m all in, bitches.”

Beca’s (Color) Wheel

1[Red]  2[Ora]  3[Yel]
8[Pin]      {9}    4[Gre]
7[Pur]   6[Blu]  5[Cya]

Jessica’s prayer

"Please watch over my friends, if that’s what they are. Please bless Jason. He’s such a good man and… he’s hurtin’ so bad. Please bless Sookie. I know she tried to kill You, but she’s been good to me, and she loves You. I know she does. And bless Eric, even in his anger and wrongheadedness. Bless Pam. Give her the courage to let happiness in. And bless Tara, that she may find whatever it is she’s looking for. And bless Sam and Lafayette and Arlene, all the good people of Bon Temps. They know not what they do. And bless Hoyt, wherever he is. Watch out for him for me. And bless Bill. If You are him or he is You, bless him. Please bring him back to me. I need him. We all need him.”

Maeby Fünke High School Career